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    Question MFC: Buttonstyles and Windows 7


    My MFC dialog app which was working ok in XP has started exhibiting some strange behaviour concerning MFC buttons.

    I have a function to set the button text and style, but bizarrely, when the text is too long to fit the button and is wrapped, the button seems to 'forget' the BS_CENTER attribute and left aligns.

    I should say that I'm using the "classic" style with the Themes services deactived. Even if this is avtivated, the behaviour is the same. If I go back to Windows 7 themes, then the button text centers correctly, but this isn't the look I want.

    Any idea how to get the buttons to behave properly in Classic theme in Win7?

    This is my code:

    void CMain::SetButtonText(CWnd* ptr, std::string button_text )
    	int test = 0;
    	test = ptr->ModifyStyle(0, BS_MULTILINE   , 0);
    	test = ptr->ModifyStyle(0, BS_CENTER, 0   );
    When I debug step by step, ModifyStyle returns TRUE, and the std::string is correct (no white spaces).

    Also, when I comment out the style setting and use the VS button properties, the result is the same.

    Any ideas? Or is this a limitation of Windows 7? (I'm beginning to think it is).


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    Re: MFC: Buttonstyles and Windows 7

    AFAIK, in classic theme, BS_CENTER is ignored if BS_MULTILINE is set, regardless the Windows version.
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    Re: MFC: Buttonstyles and Windows 7

    In XP with classic theme, it works as expected. ie. button text centered when BS_CENTER and BS_MULTILINE is set.

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