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    Please Help, ButtonColumn in DataGrid returns empty string when I call .Text

    As the subject explains, I get an empty string when calling the .Text property. Refer below for snippet:

    <asp:datagrid id="dgVeryImportant">
    <asp:ButtonColumn Text="To Get">
    Public Sub GetEverythingFromDatagridEvenFunctionName
    Dim col As Int32 
    For col = 0 To e.Item.Cells.Count - 1
    'strValue is always empty!
    Dim strValue As String = dgVeryImportant.Items(col).Cells(2).Text
    End For End Sub
    The internet search advises to use Items(col).Cells(2).FindControl(..), the problem with that is FindControl finds the control by ID, BoundColumn doesn't allow you to insert an ID for it.

    Please assist..

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    Re: Please Help, ButtonColumn in DataGrid returns empty string when I call .Text

    Hi Khanyek..

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    This is the message:

    Hello friend..

    Been a while huh..

    Please help. I'm running through a datagrid item (row), and one of my cells is a buttoncolumn, which apparently returns an empty string when I retrieve the text from it (Item(..).Cells(..).Text).

    How would I go about getting the right value?

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