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    Programmer Needed in St. Paul/Minneapolis for XML-based project


    I'm looking for someone to assist with the development of a Windows application that will read XML files and sort the information in a variety of ways. I have the majority of the UI and design laid out already. I can explain more about the project to interested individuals.

    Project is intended to be sold, but payment will be via ongoing commission on sale per unit. Project meets a niche market's need and sales are expected to be generous.

    The programmer need not be in the Twin Cities area, but it is a plus.

    Contact me at zschuster [at] hotmail [dot] com

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    Re: Programmer Needed in St. Paul/Minneapolis for XML-based project

    I feel I should add a bit more detail about this project.

    The purpose of this project is to take statistical data from sporting events. This information is stored in an XML file and is constantly being updated. The program should be able to read that file, display it in a UI, and permit the operator to select information to output to a graphics program. The graphics program is used to overlay the information in a sports webcast or broadcast.

    This is essentially a bridging program-- input data from XML, write data out to a text file.

    We're looking to develop several versions for different sports, as well as an option to manually enter stats when the XML file is unavailable.

    Sports webcasting continues to grow. The market for this is huge.

    The programming language is inconsequential, from my perspective, as long as the product works.

    Contact me if you have questions!

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