What is main purpose of this job? To develop hardware and firmware for embedded controllers in our products and to support field applications of our products regarding integration and use.
List (in order of priority) the 6 most important tasks required of this position:
1. Assist in the design and development of firmware, including programmable logic design and programming, for embedded processor controllers used in printer products.
2. Support internal customers on all matters related to the electronic designs, those customers being fellow engineers, sales personnel, field service and customer service personnel, QA, etc..
3. Support external customers on installation, system integration to hosts, and general use of products, those customers being distributors, VAR's, system integrators, and end users.
4. Assist in the design and development of electronics system architecture for microprocessor-based printer products.
5. Write and execute validation plans for product design qualification.
6. Documentation and support of all design results, including revision control, ECN generation, etc..
Bachelor of Science in Engineering or equivalent training + experience.
DESIRED: Specific formal training in Structured Software Design / Development and Electronic Systems Design.
JOB-RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: 3+ years total experience. Skilled in C, C++, C#, and embedded processor system design. Structured development environments. Some exp. in cust. service / field support very desirable.

View job posting online here: http://tinyurl.com/4p95dtn