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    Post Using labVIEW dll as Modeless Dialog Box

    I have two different programs one of which is a labVIEW program that I want to use as a kind of modeless dialog box and the other that is the main C++ program which is where I want to display the labVIEW program.

    Right now I am attempting to accomplish this by changing the labVIEW program to a .DLL and attempting to call the .DLL in the modeless window, but am having no success (In that I have limited experience in C++ and even less in MFC and am unsure on how I should be accomplishing this task).

    I was hoping someone else has attempted to do something similar whether it be with a labVIEW .DLL or a .Dll of any other language so that you guys could push me in the right direction. If there are any tutorials that you might suggest that I look at on the topic also it would be very much appreciated!

    It's probably very likely that I am doing this the completely wrong way and if you have a better solution for getting the labVIEW to display like a modeless window in the C++ program or if its even possible then I'm all ears.


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    Re: Using labVIEW dll as Modeless Dialog Box

    It is difficult to host the window of a separate application as a child of your application. You can kind of do this if the user doesn't move or resize either application, but if the user does, then the windows become out of sync (and look horrible).

    Usually, applications that allow you to embed a window within your app (like embedded an Excel spreadsheet inside your app) are designed for this from the start. Excel exposes much of it's functionality as a COM ActiveX control. To host it within your app, you create your app as a COM container.

    I would check if labVIEW offers this sort of functionality (or if there is an sdk available for it). The sdk will tell you what you need to do to host it inside your app and whether this is even possible.

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