I have two different programs one of which is a labVIEW program that I want to use as a kind of modeless dialog box and the other that is the main C++ program which is where I want to display the labVIEW program.

Right now I am attempting to accomplish this by changing the labVIEW program to a .DLL and attempting to call the .DLL in the modeless window, but am having no success (In that I have limited experience in C++ and even less in MFC and am unsure on how I should be accomplishing this task).

I was hoping someone else has attempted to do something similar whether it be with a labVIEW .DLL or a .Dll of any other language so that you guys could push me in the right direction. If there are any tutorials that you might suggest that I look at on the topic also it would be very much appreciated!

It's probably very likely that I am doing this the completely wrong way and if you have a better solution for getting the labVIEW to display like a modeless window in the C++ program or if its even possible then I'm all ears.