Using Webbrowser Control - how to access text when MIME is php?
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Thread: Using Webbrowser Control - how to access text when MIME is php?

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    Using Webbrowser Control - how to access text when MIME is php?

    ***ATTN MODS*** New info. lead me to start a new thread on this topic since my title was not applicable. I meant to delete this thread since there were no responses, but can't find a way to do it. I apologize for this and didn't mean to double post or bump. Sorry! =( Please delete this if you see fit.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Everything I search for as far as a solution involves people trying to get access to PHP source, which is NOT what I'm trying to do...

    URL I need to access returns a php script. MIME on IE wants to open this in dreamweaver. I don't want it to get that far - I want to display the file in IE as text so I can access and manipulate it using webbrowser.Text

    Basically, remote server returns an important link inside a php source file intended to be consumed by an applet. I want to use the webbrowser control to access the text of this response, extract the link programatically, and redirect the webbrowser URL to the extracted link's URL. **** control wants to process content-disposition and open the file in Dreamweaver before it allows me programatic access to the text.

    I can't seem to find a way to override MIME settings outside of the registry, which I don't want to override. I just want access to the text in this particular instance.

    Need to use the webbrowser control if at all possible, because there are massive headers involved that would really be too much of a hassle to set up for just this one request.

    Maybe I'm overthinking (or more probably undertjhinking), but isn't there a way to either change content disposition or otherwise intercept the stream and access it as text instead of a Dreamweaver file just for that one request/response cycle?

    Thanks in advance for your help and any information you can provide.
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