I'm looking to achieve the following. Display a database of quotations that can be categorised (sorted in a hierarchy) - 1 to 3 levels of collapsible/expandable categorisation. Such as:

(I had to put in "----" characters to show the hierarchical layout as this forum trims spaces)

-Wilde, Oscar
-----------"There's only one thing worse than being talked about, and thats..."
-----------"She had one of those english faces that once seen was never remembered"
-----New York
-----------"I have nothing to declare except my genius"

-Shaw, Bernard
-----------"The tragedy of man is that he is a genius tethered to a dying animal"

The above shows 2 levels of categorisation by Author and City.

I'd also like to display columns to the right to display additional attributes such as Date, Book, etc. Like in a spreadsheet style.

The columns and categories should be able to be specified by the user at run time i.e. not a fixed layout. Ideally, I'd like the categories to be indented but would settle for having +/- controls to indicate an expandable/collapsible category.

I've searched the forums for info on grid controls but am not sure if the above is possible. I would be delighted if this can be achieved with standard .NET controls but am prepared to invest in a commercial custom control if necessary.

I'm reasonably experienced in Java but new to the C# and .NET world. Thanks in advance to the clever good-looking and charming people who respond and give me a shove in the right direction.