Export Excel which has more than 1 worksheet
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Thread: Export Excel which has more than 1 worksheet

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    Export Excel which has more than 1 worksheet

    Anyone has any idea how to generate & stream an excel sheet in jsp.

    Please note: The excel sheet will have two worksheets inside & we should stream out the excel sheet to the user on JSP itself without storing the excel file on the applicatoin server.

    Action I performed: Our source is 2 csv files. I have used CSVReader to read those files & create excel sheet with two tabs using POI Libraries which is causing me to store excel sheet on the server.

    Need Help:
    How to generate an excel sheet which has more than one worksheets using JSP & also how to set that in the response.header ? Please advice

    Please let me know if my requirements are not clear. Appreiate your help.

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    Re: Export Excel which has more than 1 worksheet

    Cross-posted in Java Forums.

    Please don't cross-post without including links to the other posts.

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