Hello all,

I have a dll that uses managed c++ and consumes a native c++ library. This dll is then in turn consumed by a c# interface. As you probably guessed, the managed c++ is just interop code. Nothing in this is exported.

We have a new requirement that both the managed c++ and native c++ be accessed by an external c++ executable (for internal testing purposes). So I was thinking of changing the managed c++ layer to a lib, and have a separate project that creates the dll by consuming the managed and the native libs. There wouldn't be any new code in there. It's just a project that consumes the two libs. Then, we could have another project that also consumes these two libs and adds on top a bit of test code. But I'm having a great deal of difficulty in getting this to work. I cannot get the IDE to generate my dll. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


- Goishin