The current row is not available
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Thread: The current row is not available

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    The current row is not available

    why is that im having a msgbox whenever i put this on my form activate.

    Microsoft DataGrid Control
    The current row is not available

    but my program works fine its just that this msgbox is anoying. i also have this code in my form load.

    Private Sub Form_Activate()
    RSconn "select *from tblaccessac"
    Set DataGrid1.DataSource = RSasc
    End Sub

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    Re: The current row is not available

    Just a stupid question.

    Why do you need that code in both the Load event and Activate event?

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    Re: The current row is not available

    The shown code is not very descriptive.
    I GUESS RSconn will select a recordset from a database which will be put into a global Recordset variable named RSasc.
    Then The Datagrid Datasource is set to this recordset, producing the error.
    You better first check if RSasc contains any valid records before assigning it to be the DataSource of the DataGrid.

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