Keyoti are pleased to release RapidSpell Web .NET v3.8. RapidSpell allows developers to add an inline and dialog ASP.NET spell checker to their web and CMS applications.

New features include; IE9 and FireFox 4 support, .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 support.

Visit for a free evaluation download.

RapidSpell Web provides developers with a cross browser ASP.NET spell checking control. Written for .NET in C#, RapidSpell Web includes an inline highlighter and a fast (no post back) dialog interface. Includes 5 English dictionaries. Non-English and Medical dictionaries are also available.

All the features of a regular Windows spell checker
ASP.NET text box support (plain, rich, custom)
Inline (as you type style) spell checking
Traditional spell check dialog box
Open API, for customization and non GUI usage
Pure .NET
No post-back interface
Free updates and support

About Keyoti
Keyoti is a software component development company based at the foot of Burnaby Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. Formed with the firm belief that software components will feature largely in the future of the software industry; In the same way that the industrial revolution brought about reuse of component design and construction, we feel software components will change the way the software industry works.

Our components and controls are regarded as some of the best in their area and are used by companies such as ABN Amro, Compuware, Keybank, Intel,, Office of the US President, Pfizer, Royal Bank of Scotland, US Army, Vivendi Universal, and Verizon. We believe in excellence in product design, usability and stability - and we will continue to strive for excellence in the component market.

We have been operating since February 2002, at which point we released our first product, a spell checker for Java developers. As our company and customer-base have grown, we have focused on product improvement primarily, along with a push to extend our product range further in to the text processing arena. We are proud to have become regarded as providing some of the best customer support before and after sales, and we endeavour to preserve our good standing.

Better known example users of our products;

OEM Product Integration

Mailblocks (now sold to AOL)

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US Army
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Florida Juvenile Justice Dept.
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St. Jude's
Tzuchi Hospital (Taiwan)
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Louisiana State University
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Corporate Apps.

Bechtel Jacobs
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JP Morgan

...and many more.