Im currently developing a server & client with you can send messages with an client to a chatroom.

Its 60%

Whats done?
- Caching Clients.
- Log in/out of client.
- Universal Packets (With messageid) and some more feactures.

Snippet 1: (How to send a message)

ServerMessage Message = new ServerMessage();
Message.Init(1); // 1 = messageid
Message.AppendInt(50); // 50 = is an number to send
Message.AppendString("Helloo"); // string to send
Message.AppendStringWithBreak("Hey"); // Displays Hello (Char number 2)
Message.Send(EndPoint e);

Chars are to generate a list or multi strings etc.

How is it build?
- ClientManager (Manager of clients etc, disconnecting, adding clients / removeing)
- Listener (Manager of Packets, recieve packets)
- WireEncoding (Generates the packets to a string,int,list,dictonary whatever)

I will release it here when its finished