Hi Guys,

Basically i have a silverlight .net web application were by user schedules tasks and enters a time and date, now this is stored in the db on the server which is based in some other country and what this server does is basically processes these tasks according to the time and date however the time on the server side is different than the time on the client side.
What i want to know is whats the best way to approach this:
1. how do i get the time zone off the client, i know there is timezone info class however not sure if its the best way to get the os time of the user cause it might be wrong, and also how do you go on about this
2. how do i convert this time to the server time so it understands whats the correct time to process
3. how wud i convert back the server time to the client side to display to the user

the steps the user takes is:
1. enters a time and date to schedule a task to be run through a date picker and a time picker

many thanks in advance,