I am using VS 2008. I have an MFC ActiveX control that will be used by an application written in old-fashioned unmanaged C++. The ActiveX control is also unmanaged C++. I am intentionally raising an exception in the control. It is not raising the type of exception I expect. I want to step into the control's code. But when I put a breakpoint in and set the control project's debug application to the target application and then run it, the debug marker changes from the familiar dark red circle to a faint red outlined circle, and if I hover my mouse over it, a tooltip tells me that symbols for my file have not been loaded. The same thing happns if I start the application first and then try to use the debugger's attach to process function.

So how do I step from my aplication's code to my control's code?

RobR, wondering why ActiveX appears to be such a poorly thought out, untested afterthought in VS 2008 C++ (and it wasn't much better in VC++ 6). But perhaps all of unmanaged C++ is an untested, poorly thought out afterthought in VS 2008.