Inversion of control and AOP frameworks
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Thread: Inversion of control and AOP frameworks

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    Inversion of control and AOP frameworks

    Hello community, I haven't posted in a long time..

    A question that is milling over in my mind is what is the best most flexible inversion of control framework? Two that jump to the top of the list for me are Spring.NET and Enterprise Library.

    I know pretty well and it seems that some intellisense support for vs2010 is in the pipeline. Enterprise library has a nice gui for setting up logging and exception handling (spring does this in xml config files)..

    I am interested in most aspects of AOP to cope with cross-cutting concerns. I worked on a project recently that leveraged this capability from spring to great affect.

    I have joined a project midway (as technical architect) which makes use of enterprise library. To be honest, I am having some problems with it. It seems that the config files cannot use virtual paths which causes problems when moving onto a production server.

    Spring is what I'm most familiar with and my current thinking is to remove enterprise library in favour of this unless there is a reason why enterprise library is better (other than it is backed by microsoft).

    I'd love to hear some opinions

    Best Regards,
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    Re: Inversion of control and AOP frameworks

    I have no personall experience yet, but what I read according to documentation of EL you should be able to combine EL with Spring.NET, because the IOC container should be replacable (in latest EL 5.0).
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