Visual WebGui ProStudio .NETHTML5 is a gateway for .Net developers to shift into the new open rich web standard HTML5 whilst avoiding the data-binding, session management and Ajax complexities of data-centric graphic-rich HTML5 applications

Tel Aviv, 14 April 2011, Gizmox, the developer of the award-winning Visual WebGui (VWG) cloud and mobile platform, announced today the launch of ProStudio .NETHTML5 beta, the only HTML5 dedicated development tool for Microsoft .NET developers. ProStudio .NETHTML5 enables fast and secure development of graphic-rich data-centric .NET apps for all platforms without plug-ins and resolves the data-binding, session management and Ajax complexities for data-centric applications by using simple .NET tools. With this offering Gizmox offers .NET developers a way into the new Web standard, HTML5.
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ProStudio .NETHTML5 is designed for building data-centric HTML5 applications within Microsoft Visual Studio. This empowers all web developers (including those who seek an alternative to propriety Silverlight which currently does not support the popular iOS and Android platforms for tablets and mobile) to use simple .NET development practices and for jQuery developers to deal with the data-binding , Ajax and session management challenges by using straightforward .NET framework.

This version adds the complete jQuery extension and animation capabilities into Visual WebGui which allows developers to build rich, customer facing HTML5 UIs with animation and media streaming and also provides mobile & tablet support and cross-browser performance. Other benefits include enhanced data management features and more effective debugging capabilities.

"Visual WebGui gained its fame for its classic .NET simplicity and time-saving that lets core Microsoft developers, develop rich ASP.NET Ajax based Web, Cloud or Mobile applications, just the way they are used to developing desktop .NET applications”, commented Navot Peled, President of Gizmox. “ProStudio .NETHTML5 is the only framework in Microsoft’s stack that allows cross-web/mobile platform and cross-browser accessibility to applications developed in .NET and jQuery for rich engaging HTML5 UIs and enables developers to leverage their .NET skills but deploy applications that comply with open web standards."
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About Visual WebGui
Visual WebGui,, is the first secured-by-design .NET open source Ajax empowered Web/Cloud and Mobile HTML and HTML5-based application platform. It reproduces uncompromised desktop functionality richness on the Web, Cloud and Mobile at commoditized costs. The Visual WebGui solution offers features that build, migrate, run and manage Web, Cloud and Mobile applications. It removes the Ajax complexities and limitations for business applications, as well as the web cloud and mobile’s single most limiting factor – the network limitation. It enables applications of any size and weight to be used on desktop, web, cloud and mobile from the same codebase, essentially forever changing the way businesses use web, cloud and mobiles for their organizational needs. In 3 years, Visual WebGui has more than 1,000,000 downloads of its software and over 35,000 VWG applications that are already in production, at first tier organizations such as SAP, IBM, Israel Aerospace Industry, Visa, Texas Instruments, banks, medical, ********** and military institutions.

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