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    How and Where I should store user accepted values

    Hey guys ....

    Good day!

    I have developed a simple accounting system in VB6 with access as database. In my program I need to post SALES/PURCHASE

    Transactions to relevant GL account heads. for this purpose I should know GL ACCOUNT CODES for "SALES" and "PURCHASE".

    Please note that these account codes are Autonumbers and I have to get these codes from access table.

    My question is how and where I should store these codes (and several others) to get them in my GL Posting program? right

    now I am storing these codes in a table named PARA FILE. I don't know if its a good way to store these fix values.

    Any type of help would highly be appreciated

    Best Regards


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    Re: How and Where I should store user accepted values

    OK, so what is it exactly what you're trying to do?

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    Re: How and Where I should store user accepted values

    OK Let me explain it a bit further ...

    I have a program thru which user inputs all his sales invoices details like Customer Code, product Code, Qty, Rate, Amount etc ...

    Now later after confirmation he needs to post the invoice amount to that particular customer's GL Account. structure of GL Transaction table contains Debit Account Code (which is the Customer Account Code), Credit Account Code (which is the SALES Account Code in this case), Transaction Amount (which is the total amount of that particular invoice.

    Customer Account Code i can get from Customer Table
    Amount I can get from Sales Table

    But for Sales Account Code I need to store it some where so that whenever the user post invoices to General Ledger then I could take SALES ACCOUNT CODE from that place to inset records in GL Transaction table ...

    For this purpose currently I am storing this SALES ACCOUNT CODE in a separate table and retreive it from there at the time of posting ... so I just want to ask if its the right practice or there could be some better option?

    note that its just an example. I have to store several values like this in that table ...

    Best Regards


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