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    Anyone Successful Getting FC.GEPluginCtrls to work in C++.NET?

    I came across the winforms-geplugin-control-library project (http://code.google.com/p/winforms-ge...ntrol-library/) and it is just what I need for my C++.NET windows forms application. The examples are written in C# however, and some of the code I can't figure out how to translate to the C++.NET language. The last bit isn't surprising because I am completely an ameteur at programming and I do this just as a hobby.

    With that said, I can get Google Earth to appear in the application and do the default scrolling and zooming, but not without runtime errors. I click continue on the errors and the program continues to run and I can manipulate the Earth without trouble.

    Attached is the Form1.cs file from the author's sample application available for download at the project website. I am only concerned with the initialization of the plugin in the Form1 section at the top, except for the debug and server related items, as well as the geWebBrowser1_PluginReady and TestEvents functions. Additionally, on line 16 "ge" initialized as "private dynamic ge = null;", is there an equivalent in C++.NET? I had tried "Object^ ge;" which compiled without error but later on during runtime a first chance exception occured saying that "ge" wasn't of type "GEPlugin".

    The Form1.cs isn't exactly a small file but of it's parts I would like to use only a couple things that I mentioned earlier. The result I want to achieve is to display Google Earth in the application then add markers and lines.

    Is it possible that the FC.GEPluginCtrls.dll just isn't compatible with C++.NET?

    Any help is appreciated, even if nobody has the full answer sometimes a shove in the right direction can help me find the solution.

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