Best math programming language?
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Thread: Best math programming language?

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    Best math programming language?

    As you folks may know, I love math! I know almost all programming languages, but which one should I use for math. Basically, I want:

    Easy type conversion
    I don't care if it is object-oriented or not'
    Can handle LARGE numbers
    And speed!

    I do not need graphical features, just math!

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    Re: Best math programming language?

    Well, then, none! Check out the MATLab set of products.


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    Re: Best math programming language?

    Mathematica is also a good option, in my experience.


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    Re: Best math programming language?'re amazing. I've never met anyone before who knew thousands of languages!

    +1 on MATLAB
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    Re: Best math programming language?

    Matlab and Mathematica are good options, as above. You might also give F# a try. It is a functional language a lot of fun.

    You might enjoy solving some of the problems over at Project Euler ( The top languages used for that sort of mathematical programming according to their statistics currently are: Mathematica, PARI/GP, Python, Haskell, APL/J/K, C/C++, Perl, Sage, Java, Ruby, C# (in that order).
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    Re: Best math programming language?

    A speaker recently gave a talk at the university I attend on a language he had created called Frink. It's great when dealing with measurement conversions, which it could do on the fly. It was also very good with dealing with large numbers.

    You can read more about it here.

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