Is it possible to databind to a property within a child collection? Stated another way, can you bind to a property that is in a collection...and that collection is a property of another collection.

For example, if the SectionViewModel contains the following property:

// SectionViewModel.cs
// A Collection of Section objects.
ObservableCollection<Section> SectionCollection = new ObservableCollection<Section>();

And the Model, which is a Section, contains a property called SectionDataCollection, which is defined as follows:

// Section.cs
// The Section keeps a collection of additional related data
// in a SectionData object.
ObservableCollection<SectionData> SectionDataCollection = new ObservableCollection<SectionData>();

The SectionData has a property, Year, that I want to databind to in a ListView. Is that possible? If so, how?

// SectionData.cs
public DateTime Year { get; set; }

For my example, I have the a SectionView that contains a ListView. The ListView sets the ItemsSource property as follows:

<ListView Name="listViewSectionData" ItemsSource="{Binding SectionCollection}">
<!-- Here I bind columns to properties in the Section -->
<GridViewColumn Header="Begin Point" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding BeginPoint}" />

<!-- I also want to bind to the Year property in the SectionData -->
<!-- Of course the following doesn't work, but I don't know how to approach this -->
<GridViewColumn Header="Year" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding SectionDataCollection.Year}" />