I'm writting an administrative system for an elementary school (using MFC) that will connect to a database to store the student's data, payments, etc... The system will run on a Windows XP machine, an HP Point of Service computer, that has a cash drawer and a receipt printer.

They gave me a CD with the printer's drivers, and the disc contains an 'example' program to check the printer and the drawer. It is a single executable (a VB 6 executable) with no source code or 'developer's guide' and after some testing I was able to find that the comunication between the app and the driver is done through a couple of ActiveX controls.

Now, that would be great if the program I'm writting was a VB program, but it is not, and though I was able to generate an 'MFC class from ActiveX' the only thing that I can see is a bunch of oddly named functions.

My first question is: Is there a POS Printer standard? This is because I found a .Net class named PosPrinter that has a lot of procedures with the same names and parameter-types that my generated class has too, but not all of them.

The second questing is: The printer can be installed in 'native' or 'printer' mode, Native uses HP POS drivers while Printer uses Windows USB Printer Support drivers, so if I choose 'printer mode' printing would be as simple as a CreateDC-TextOut-thingy?

I know this may not be C++-related, but I hope some of you have a little experience with this kind of printers and using them from VC.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!