I'm new here at CodeGuru.com. And I'm starting with a thread about WCF-services.

I have experience with WCF hosted in IIS and self-hosted in a Windows Service.
But I have experienced a new sort of demand which I cannot seem to find any good solution to.

When I host my WCF services in a Win Service app, I have possibility to load external DLLs (assemblies), look for classes which implements an interface or class that I have created, and then load the content as WCF services by using the ServiceHost class.

My host application does therefore not have to have a reference to those DLL-files. So they can be DLLs that I create specifig for customers that has other needs, etc etc. Like "plug-ins".

I now have to host my WCF services in IIS.
This means that all the configuration in the Web.Config file.
I have one WCF service that is always started. This one has config for service, endpoints and behaviors in the web.config file.

If I haven't misunderstood too much, in order to add my services as <service> tags in my web.config file, I have to have reference to the DLL that contains the .SVC-file and other functional code.

I don't wanna have references to the "plug-in" DLLs. Because (as explained) this may be generic DLLs that follow interfaces of base classes that I have created.

My question :
IS it possible to still use the ServiceHost to start more WCF-services, but still use the endpoints and behaviors that I have set up in the web.config file?

I don't know if I have managed to explain my "scenario" completely.
So feel free to ask foro information in order to help me in my quest :-)