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(Stimulsoft) April, 04 2011. Stimulsoft Company announces a new version 2011.1 of Stimulsoft Reports product line. This line includes report generators for .NET, Web, WPF, and Silverlight.

"This year, the first version of Stimulsoft Reports has an extremely long list of changes and improvements, and this is despite only a 4-month interval between versions. says Andrew Savin, Business Manager. Immediately, after the official version released, it seems that the software is finished and it is difficult to add something new. But a day or two passes and our team is full of ideas. In product development we are at the beginning of a long way. This way is long, but fascinating. We would like to pass it along with our devoted customers, whom we respect and love."

Changes and improvements
Now, the selected style is stored in the condition and, when changing style parameters, design parameters and conditions are automatically changed. Earlier, style selection in the condition led to copying its parameters into the parameters of conditions. Also, it is worth to say that now, when using the style in the condition, the style itself is applied but not parameters of appearance set in the condition and copied from the style. The style will be applied to the component, if the condition is triggered.
To extend the functionality of the reports, in the new version, the RequestFromUser option for the variables have been essentially improved. Now, using this option, the process of data request from the user can be greatly extended. It is possible to request not only simple values but nullable values, lists of values and value ranges.
We have added a new Data Bar, Color Scale, Icon Set condition types to increase the quality of visual presentation of information in our products.
In the new release four new tools for converting reports that are created in other products to the Stimulsoft Reports format are added. These are import utilities from RDL, Active Reports, XtraReports, and FastReport.Net.
The new two-dimensional QRCode bar-code is added. This barcode is gaining increasing popularity in recent years. It is used in many applications, particularly in mobile applications. Second, we added two one-dimensional bar-codes - Code128Auto and EAN128Auto. These two bar-codes scan the code and can automatically switch their modifications to a, b or c.
The previous version of the report designer for Silverlight, did not provide the ability to create reports using the Report Wizards. In the new version this omission was corrected. The following Report Wizards are added: Standard Report, Master-Detail Report and Label Report.
A new report viewer is available in the WPF version of our product Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. This special version of WPF viewer designed to display reports in XBAP applications. The viewer is in the Stimulsoft.Report.Xbap.dll assembly and provides the same functionality as the report viewer for WPF. For working with the viewer Full-Trust trust mode applications is required.
To simplify the placement of components in a band, Stimulsoft developers have added special wizards for placement: Wizard for Placing Components and Wizard for Replacing Components.

A list of the most significant features is not limited with the described above. Read more about the improvements at

Pricing and special offers
The price for a software product Stimulsoft Reports starts from $599,95 per single license without source code and $999,95 with the source.
Stimulsoft Company offers discounts on software products of Stimulsoft Reports for schools, teachers, professors, public and private libraries and museums, as well as individuals (students and teachers). For customers who already have invested money in competing components, our company is also pleased to offer a discount for migrating to Stimulsoft Reports. More information can be found at .

Stimulsoft Reports Product Line is a unique offer that has no analogues, because it includes reporting systems for 4 popular technologies: .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight. And these are fully functional report generators which consist of the report engine, report designer and report viewer. There are no competitors in innovative solutions implemented in the products.

To get more information about a product, documentation, video tutorials, and download the demo versions of products please visit the company website at .