I am trying to implement a cell template for a datagrid. The problem is, when I try to bind to the Object within the datagridview, I am not getting the values that I am expecting.

This is what the datagrid looks like with no styling:

Pretty simple, but when I try to style it using a cell template with triggers, this is what I am getting (Each cell that has DAL.Task above should contain an orange circle):

here is the xaml that I am using to style the grid:

<DataTemplate x:Key="MiddleDataGridCellTemplate">
  <Image Name="CenterImage"
  <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Row.ItemArray/TaskStatusName}"
   Value="In Progress">
   <Setter TargetName="CenterImage"
    Value="/besoControlLibrary;component/Resources/Spreadsheet_CheckedOut.png" />
I am guessing that "{Binding Row.ItemArray/TaskStatusName}" is causing the problem, what is the correct way to pull out the TaskStatusName property of the DAL.Task within the datagridview?

I found out that the values of the blank cells are DBNull if that helps at all.

Also, these values are coming from a DataTable that is the context of the the DataGrid.