First, in case this matters (and I'm sure it does ), this is about VC++ 2010 (Express).

I noticed that the .sdf file contained in my projects can become pretty fat, particularly if there's an #include <windows.h> somewhere in the project (regardless of whether it's a pure native or an interop project), and that's particularly inconvenient if I want to upload a project to CG. I tried to add this extension to the list of extensions subject to the project cleaning operation but to no avail, probably because this file is located in the solution directory instead of the project directory (or directories).

Can I include that file in the project cleaning operation somehow? Well, it's not too annoying either to delete it manually before zipping and uploading the project, but you know, laziness is one of the natural habits of a programmer...

OTOH, files with the extension .xml are by default subject to cleaning and I consider that dangerous because IMO XML files can very well be part of a project in the role of a sourse file rather than an intermediate or output file. Ok, I can remove this extension manually from the cleaning list of each individual project containing such files, but is there a way to change the default cleaning list for new projects? At least I didn't find one.