Hello All,

I am trying to rewrite a huge old MFC/C++ project using C# /WPF.

In this project we support scripting language something that we developed here in C/C++

The scripting(text files) allows the user to create a dialog with basic UI elements. Internally it creates a MFC Dialog.

How can I do this using WPF and XAML ?

It is simple to load a XAML Script that creates the dialog how ever say I want to carry out some processing using the values in the dialog.

How can I achieve that.

Say for instance I have a simple WPF application that loads a script. ( This is just an example)

Job of the script is to show a simple dialog box with 2 float numbers in text boxes.

Then I have 4 radio buttons that show the operation Add / Subtract / Multiply and Divide.

And a Calculate button. When user presses the calculate button It should show the result in a message box carrying out the right operation between the numbers.

All the above should be done through only script.

And a OK button that closes the dialog, however when he closes the dialog I want to retain values from the dialog into some sort of Data Structure.

Any help in this regard is greatly Appreciated.

Thanks a bunch in Advance.