Hi -

I'm trying to copy a Range from Excel and Paste the information in powerpoint in either the HTML or the default format, however, I am having some difficulties. I am able to get the code to work for pasting the Range as an OLE Object but nothing else. The problem with doing this is that having the embedded excel documents in the powerpoint makes the file extremely large and unstable. I just need to be able to paste the information without the embedded information where it is editable (so, not as a bitmap or picture). My current code is found below - does anyone have any suggestions? THANKS!!!!

With ppt2Slide
Range("CP12:CT" & RangeIndex2).Copy
ppt2Slide.Shapes.PasteSpecial DataType:=ppPasteOLEObject, link:=msoFalse
With .Shapes(.Shapes.Count)
.Left = 30
.Top = 110
.Width = 650
End With
End With