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Thread: converting epoch date

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    converting epoch date

    I have a database that is storing dates in millisecond epoch timestamp format. I cannot figure out how to take this format and turn it into a "calendar" date/time.

    Actually I can get the calendar date - just can't get the time to work like it should.

    For instance, 1305211842916 should be equal to 5/12/11 9:50:42AM [CST]. I can get the date of 5/12, but the hours don't work out right.

    Here's what I've got thus far:
    NumberVar StartTotalsec := {A_STARTTIMETS};
    NumberVar StartDays := truncate(StartTotalsec/86400);
    NumberVar StartHours := truncate(Remainder(StartTotalsec,86400)/3600);
    Numbervar StartMinutes := truncate(Remainder(StartTotalsec,3600)/60);
    Numbervar StartSeconds := Remainder(StartTotalsec,60);
    Totext (StartDays, '##')+'$'+
    Totext (StartHours, '00')+':'+
    Totext (StartMinutes, '00')+':'+
    Totext (StartSeconds, '00');

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    Re: converting epoch date

    In the next link you'll find several formulaes to convert epoch time to human readable date


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