I was searching "The Applications of Different Data Structures in Real World". I found some applications but it is like a questions and answer is not given there. Please can someone tell me the answer of this question? I will be thankful to you.
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You have the following data structures available to you: single and two dimensional arrays, linked-list, doubly linked-list, queue, stack, binary tree, binary search tree, heap, a balanced search tree (such as 2-3, 2-3-4, etc), hash table, and directed and undirected graphs. For each of the following scenarios given below, suggest the most appropriate data structure chosen from the above list.

a) To store a set of programs which are to be given access to a hard disk according to their priority.
b) For representing a city region telephone network.
c) To store a set of fixed key words which are referenced very frequently.
d) To represent an image in the form of a bitmap.
e) To implement back functionality in the internet browser.
f) To store dynamically growing data which is accessed very frequently, based upon a key value.
g) To implement printer spooler so that jobs can be printed in the order of their arrival.
h) To record the sequence of all the pages browsed in one session.
i) To implement the undo function in a text editor.
j) To store information about the directories and files in a system.

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