Hi experts out there, I'm using Zebra printer model TPL 2844Z which understands ZPL command. I tried some coding and it worked only for text and barcode but I'm not able to print my company logo on the label. Can anyone please assist me on this? I'm sitting at desktop and firing commands and nothing expected is coming out of the printer Kindly advise me or point in the right direction please.

'Open the port:
Open "LPT1" For Output As #1

Print #1, "^XA^FO20,127^XGR:Logo.GRF,1,1^FS" & _
"^FS^FO20,200^ADN,36,20^FD" & b & _
"^FS^FO241,200^ADN,36,20^FD" & i & _
"^FS^FO121,401^ADN,36,20^FDRMA" & "^FS^XZ"

'Close the port:
Close #1

The first line (logo) was not printed on the label. What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to add something or do some other settings? Please help.