We are currently recruiting developers to bring back the well known game; The Sims Online (also known as TSO).

TSO Restoration is a non-profit organization which is restoring and recreating The Sims Online (which was shut down in 2008).
TSO Restoration's website can be found at http://www.tsorestoration.com/forum/
TSO Restoration's community currently has nearly 3,000 members with over
7,000 posts, and a development team consisting of 6 fully dedicated
We currently need programmers with experience in either C++ or C# (or both).
We also need talented reverse engineers/packet decryptors to help us
reverse engineer file formats and packets which the game uses.
Presently, we need help with the FTP/patch server (coded with C++ and
FTP), the update client (coded with C++, Win32 and various networking
APIs), the Isometric Engine (coded with C++ and OpenGL) and various
other things including format research and rendering.
People with knowledge of Win32 APIs such as WinSock and GDI will be especially important to the team.
Anyone who wishes to apply should either create an account at TSOR and submit a development application at http://www.tsorestor...opers-paradise/
OR E-mail one of our most dedicated developers at codemonkeyjonathan@gmail.com .

Please help us bring back the game! thanks )