I want to achieve the following and I wanted to know if Expression Blend and Visual Studio can do it:

Have designers build business card layouts in Expression Blend. Some fields on the business card are bound to data sources characteristic to a person. I will write a Person class with properties FirstName, LastName, etc. I will compile it as a dll and have the designers add it to their Expression Blend project. They will add a first name label to the layout, bind it to the FirstName property of the Person data source; add a last name label to the layout and bind it to the LastName property of the Person data source, etc.

For the second part, I need to do a late binding from my server application to the layout that was created by the designers. The layout is saved in memory as a XAML string. When the request starts, first I create a Person object, populate the FirstName, LastName, etc. properties. I then load the XAML string with XamlReader into a DependencyObject, set the DataSource to the Person object that I previously instantiated - and voila! I have a XAML document with all data filled in. I return that back to the client.

Is this possible with Expression Blend and .NET? It seems to me that's what they were built for, but I can't find any articles/white papers on this very subject. Can you recommend any?