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Thread: Web forums

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    Web forums

    Web forums have always been a great place to discuss different issues as well as to ask for solutions to any problems in question.

    But many many sites seem to get deserted. Only a few people trying to chat with each other. What a sad place! it looks like in a funeral house! From debates on boards, how can a real solution is obtained ? I am unable to figure it out.
    Some people might make the discussion like an analogy of golf playing. People might set up many accounts at the same time then post, which sounds a golf player is hitting his ball east then west, then south, a little back to west etc until it falls into the hole. Yet, I am still unable to realize how the one's main finalised idea is extracted and used. Yep, it is just an idea while the expansion is still a long long way to go ahead.

    Sometimes the board can also be a good place to discuss political issues whose readers, Oh not posters are true policians. Personally I am quite weak as I change quite often, but does inconsistency exist too in big bosses, big named guys of parliament, or ********** with an overwhelming pieces of information scattered all over the forums ? Well I am surprised to hear a yes, and I am not going to compare them against tiny me. But I'd love the idea to make it for the better not for the worse.

    I rant crazelllyyyy because I am so bored and depressed.
    Do you know what I actually want to become ? A good FBI agent.
    Maybe next life!
    All for now!
    Curtain down!
    The show is over.
    I am probably not going to post anything back here again. **** you bears!

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    Re: Web forums

    Quote Originally Posted by Maejie View Post
    **** you bears!
    That's a great closing statement for your speech. It's much better than the "I'm just a tiny turd under your shoes forgive me for wasting your valuable time" line you had in mind.

    Last edited by nuzzle; June 20th, 2011 at 03:04 AM.

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    Re: Web forums

    good bye, Enjoy your trip home。

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