I am a graduate of BS Computer Science 5 years ago but never really pursued it after graduation.
I manage my own internet cafe and also runs a hospital as the hospital acting administrator. Now I realized that I want to go back to programming and now trying to decide where to start.

By the way, one of the reason I left programming was because when I was in college our professor keeps putting it into our minds that its important to learn how to add edit delete records and that we will be doing it over and over. I don't like that idea.

I just realize that it maybe true if you are going to develop systems for companies like a hospital system or whatever company and system is needed, but maybe there are fields that has less of those and more on problem solving like making an app that decodes encrypted stuff, making games, other usable apps that comes in mind.

problem solving
visual design

I don't have much idea of different types of jobs on the industry.
A list of different type of programmers would be great.
And maybe which field you suggest I take, language and dev software to use get started
**I'm planning to specialize on a particular field

Thank you very much in advance