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Thread: Help [C,C++,C#]

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    Help [C,C++,C#]

    Hi, i want to ask you one question. I had learning C++ for one year. Now there is a course in our country in C and i want to participate. There is no C++ course, only C. If i go to that course, will there any upgrades in my programming career ?

    Here is the plan for the C course:
    -Introduction in C Programming
    -Variables and Input/Output Commands
    -Arrays, Strings, Text
    -Structuring Data

    Later I will study Visual C#.NET... It'll be Visual.NET programming language for sure.

    QUESTION: Will the C course help me in future ? (Till now, i studied C++)

    Thank you

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    Re: Help [C,C++,C#]

    If i go to that course, will there any upgrades in my programming career ?
    Sorry, attending some course does not guarantee anything in your career. The same to learning some programming language. This is only you who makes your career by benefiting from every little piece of your knowledge and skills. So it is going to depend on you first of all if you make some gain from knowing C. And ultimately, it's up to you.

    On the other hand, C in general very much close to C++, but different enough. As long as you already have one year experience in C++, could you say that you're fond of it? That you're going to use it even after starting to learn C#?

    BTW, what made you say you'll definitely study C#?
    Best regards,

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    Re: Help [C,C++,C#]

    [q]BTW, what made you say you'll definitely study C#? [/q]

    I'm not 100% sure, but 60%. For now, my opinion is that Visual C#.NET & Java are the leading programming languages. I like Java also as C#. I'm recently getting info about this two languages, upgrades, popularity & etc... I have time to decide, but if i start studying early i could get better results.

    I'm studying alone all the time, and i know that all depends on me. But my questions was, will there be tips & lessons (in the C course), who would upgrade my programming skills.

    I'm 16.

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    Re: Help [C,C++,C#]

    c++ is the modified version of c.as u r familiar with c++ then in my view u can study it by self.and neednot take formal courses.do self;

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