can anyone help me with my project? i need to create a program where in i need to compare the invoice# in .xls and in .csv file. in the .xls there are 3 column (customer number, invoice#, date sent) and in .csv there are 10 columns (no header), the invoice# in .csv is located in 3rd column and the status of each invoice is in 2nd column. i need to compare and show the status of each invoice in the .xls file 5th column.

(in .csv) if the status is 1 means accepted, 2- processed, 3- collected.

i only started the interface where in i have 2 txt boxes (1st txt box for .xls and 2nd for .csv), and i added a command button so if i click this the process will start. i dont know how to start the main process, please help me. thanks a lot