Imagine how great would be to have one place where all your favorite code snippets are stored and categorized the way you like, making your coding life easier, faster and cleaner. No more google searching for a piece of code you don't remember.

QSnipps is here to make your coding life easier and faster.

Use QSnipps to store and organize all your favorite programming snippets (re-usable code). It doesn't matter if you're a Windows OS, Mac OS X or a Linux OS user. QSnipps is an easy to use, cross-platform code snippets manager that runs without a problem on all three platforms.

Sharing your code snippets database across all your PC's, Mac's or Linux systems is very simple, because QSnipps has support for Dropbox, Live Mesh or any other similar software.

Here are some of the built-in features:

- It's simple, fast and easy to use at the same time;
- It has built-in compatibility with software like Dropbox, Live Mesh or any other similar software, for sharing your snippets database across multiple computers;
- It has built-in syntax highlighters for major programming languages and supports custom syntax highlighters;
- It has QSearch, a simple to use window that lists all your snippets, with a preview window, a feature that once you found the snippet you we're looking for you can simply drag and drop it into your working IDE;
- Built-in syntax highlighters: ActionScript, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Realbasic, SQL, Visual Basic, XML

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