I'm hiring a skilled c++/java programmer for a one time project that will consist of 1000 lines of code and 7 beginner programming challenges. The 1000 line project and 7 programming questions will be done in c++ but needs to be converted into a working java program after, so there is no real java programming except translating the c++ code into java code. The 1000 line code project can be coded about ANYTHING, the only exception is that there needs to be instances of classes, class aggregation, polymorphism, and exceptions. The code can be used from anywhere, as long as it works and the requirements are met. Detailed instructions on the project will be sent upon hiring.

I'm looking to hire someone that isn't new to this forum and knows their way around c++. Please post in here or PM me.

Clarification: This project is due on June 12th, 2011. Need skilled C++ programmer that can convert c++ code to java afterward. This is an easy project; I just do not have enough time to work on it so I'm willing to pay. Payment will be discussed over PM, phone, or skype.

Thank You
~Thank You