I worked with an M.N.C developing web applications in Java/J2EE related technologies(includes JSF,struts,hibernate etc.) now i quit my job to pursue Graduate Studies in the U.S.A. So I am a student in the middle of my Graduate studies.I had enough of developing mere CRUD applications in J2EE now i want to work in something exciting. The problem is cant say what exactly but i can give you an examples.
Say developing new JDK libraries or writing a kernel for some O.S. or something like that. So I have five questions here.
1) Is it true that people in R & D often use C++ because of higher performance in that case should i consider switching my platform to C/C++.
2) How should i use my time i have one year to graduate to prepare myself for Jobs Interviews for such positions. (e.g. Reading books on Algorithms etc.)
3) How do i know about these jobs and how do i apply to those Jobs.
4) Is it the right time for me to think about Jobs.
5) Am i over ambitious because i am not in a Ivy league, just a normal school. ( My GPA is not so high unfortunately).