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    adding yacc and bison

    Hi ,

    Could you please suggest me at least something on this problem. I have been battling with this issue from some last days.

    I am going to port the C project that was for unix into windows. So far, I could make it compile but not build . The problem I am getting is , some of the functions which are declared in the header files are defined in the yacc files.so I am getting the following errors:

    error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol Function1()

    I am adding .y and .l files in the source directory of the project.I think I could not port yacc files into windows version or am I doing something stupid.I searched in the web but could not get proper tutorial for it.Could you please let me know

    1. How could I add .y or .l files in the project.
    2. How would I make those file compatible to the windows?
    3. How can I link them with other object files.

    I tried with changing the the .l files into the .yy.c files using the flex.exe.Following is the command for it

    c:\> flex.exe name.l

    Supposing that both the flex.exe and name.l are in C;>.And I loaded those all those files .l .y(previously present for parsing in unix system) .yy.c(corrsonding yacc file for windows) in the solution of previously exisiting project. Once I compile,I get the following

    Can't read the header file parserheaderfile.h

    This is the header file which needs to be generated by the bison in the unix system. So I think I am not able to make the bison compatible for windows .So please him me how can I solve this problem

    Thanks in advance.
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