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Thread: MS Office Addins

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    MS Office Addins

    I hae to develop MS Office Addin using VC++ / COM. There are few queries that has to be clarified

    1) Can there be a common Addin that can work with MS Office, Excel, Access, Powerpoint etc?
    2) Is there a way we can override existing menus? For example in File can we add "Save As <Application Name>" or when Save File Dialog Box opens we add an extra customized format in "Save as types"?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: MS Office Addins

    1) Maybe. You have to realise that there are subtle differences in how for example Excel and PowerPoint deal with add-ins. The same property of an Add in object, may be different in each program in MS Office. I'd rather develop one for each, then I'll know that there won't be any surprises.

    2) VBA will be the best bet here, as it is built into the MS Office suite. Here are some samples :


    I hope it helps!

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