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Thread: Today I had a thought,

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    Today I had a thought,

    While I was coding today, I suddenly had a thought.
    What if one day I grow up and you pass away, (sorry I don't intend to imply anything bad), I just thought I might never even have a chance to see you.
    Everytime I come across any websites, reading your posts, guessing you are x years older, consistent, bold, strong as an adult is supposed to be.

    Best wishes for you...allll,

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    Re: Today I had a thought,

    You'll be amazed how friendships are formed on this forum. Today, my best friend is a person a met on CG. I do have other very good friends as well, although I have never met them in real life - they are only an email away.
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    Re: Today I had a thought,

    Well, that's another advantage of posting at forums. In the hyperspace dimension you have eternal life.

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    Re: Today I had a thought,

    Yesterday I fought.
    With a book I bought.
    Rumours are true.
    Out of the blue.
    Today I had a thought!

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