Only 3 months after the official opening of 4shared API Program, the company has officially revealed the name of the developer, who has become one of the paticipants and is going to receive a $5,000 award.

Namely, itís Web Factory, the author of newly-released QikCam widget, in which 4shared functions have been successfully integrated. The users of new QikCam+4shared have got the opportunity to upload any taken quick photos and recorded videos directly to their accounts at, and access them on the go from any device, like a PC, laptop, or a mobile phone.

According to 4shared top-management, the company has large plans for the future, and is planning to cooperate with more creative developers with innovative vision, who will also be dawarded.

QikCam can be downloaded here:

For more details:

- 4shared API Program official page:
- 4shared API documentation: