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Thread: Newb working with blobs

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    Newb working with blobs

    I have a database in SQLite which contain tables with blob fields. I have no experience at all working with blobs, and it wasn't me who wrote the blobs to the database. The problem is that I have to access this blob data, but I don't know how.

    I've understood that you can store alot of different information in blobs, like audio, images and text. In my case, I'm 99% certain that it's text or CSV in some way. I've been googeling for a couple of hours and can't really find much documentation or useful stuff.

    My question is:
    When you access a blob, do you have to know the way it was written in order to read it? How do you read it if you know it's some kind of text? The best thing would be to find a way in a VBA enviroment to read the blobs (working with an excel frontend).

    Useful links are greatly appreciated


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    Re: Newb working with blobs

    I know nothing at all about blobs but I found this article which might hopefully help you:-
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    Re: Newb working with blobs

    When you access a blob, do you have to know the way it was written in order to read it?
    When you access the blob, you just read its bytes from db to some buffer. When you work with the buffer content somehow later, of course you have to know a format those bytes were written with.
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    Re: Newb working with blobs

    Ok, thank you both... I think I'll have to dig deeper in this and try to understand it more thoroughly.

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