Trading application performance problem
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Thread: Trading application performance problem

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    Trading application performance problem

    Hello all

    We are coding a trading application and almost near to complete. Our problem is its performance, when we use it for trial purpose, its very slow and don't update data in real time when we try to sort and filter the data. Is it possible to get sharp and quick response, when data is change or update. I can't provide you code.

    We are looking for all related solutions.

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    Re: Trading application performance problem

    To be helpful in this issue, we need to know a lot more information..:

    - How many data is there involved? Are we talking about 1000 records, 100,000 or milions?
    - What is causing the performance issue, the client or server? How do you connect between these?
    - Where do you do the sorting, client or server?

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    Re: Trading application performance problem

    Like danny said; we obviously need more info. Performance tuning is not trivial, and it is a waste of time to guess. Learn how to use a decent profiler.

    I would add that C# is a *very* odd choice for a trading application. Those types of applications typically have hard real time requirements, something you will not ever be able to meet using C#. Would your prospective customers even consider your solution? Do you really understand the requirements at play here? You may want to take a moment to make sure that you can confidently answer "Yes" to those questions.

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