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    Creating and implementing class for creating a calendar object

    Hi, so I have to create and implement a class for creating calendar objects. Some of the behaviours that the class has to do is:

    - Print a display for a given month and year
    - Print a display for the current month
    - Get the current date
    - Set the current date
    - Roll the calendar date forward or backward by a given number of days or months
    - A toString() method.

    I also have to provide a selection of constructors with default values for the variables.

    Now.. I have absolutely, no f*****g clue of what to do. I don't even know where to start. Please, please, please, could somebody give me a nudge in the right direction of where to start?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Creating and implementing class for creating a calendar object

    I dont know if this is a school exercise. If it is, you need to follow the requirements (whatever they are) specifically. Any case, I would give you these pointers:

    What you seem to be doing, could IMHO be best implemented with a library class. Especially if you have no direct requirement to ever actually return a Calendar object. Calendars are heavy, so make a class with library methods, that make use of an internal pool of Calendars where needed. For instance, in pseudo:

    long shiftByDays(long time, int days)
    reserve a calendar from pool
    set calendar to given time
    adjust calendar field(s)
    collect calendar time
    return the calendar to pool
    return collected time

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    Re: Creating and implementing class for creating a calendar object

    Thanks for the reply!

    It is a school project, so I do have to follow the requirements strictly. The problem is, I understand what we're being asked to do, I just don't know how to do it. Especially with the constructors. I don't understand what I need to write so that a calendar object can be created using the class. As much as I don't want to ask, if somebody could perhaps write a bit of the constructor in Java or just pseudo, maybe I could get the jist of what I need to do from that and carry on.

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    Re: Creating and implementing class for creating a calendar object

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