Dear friends,
Your valuable advice helps me great. I am totally new in VB6 programming. I create a Data Report without Data Environment. The codes are as follows

private Sub CmdPrint_Click()
CON.Open ("provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;data source=" & App.Path & "\db1.mdb")
RS.Open "select * from table1", CON, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
Set RPT2.DataSource = RS
    RPT2.Sections("section1").Controls("Text1").DataField = "TYPE"
    RPT2.Sections("section1").Controls("Text2").DataField = "part_no"
    RPT2.Sections("section1").Controls("Text3").DataField = "product_name"
    RPT2.Sections("section1").Controls("Text4").DataField = "mrp"
    RPT2.Sections("section1").Controls("Text5").DataField = "QTY"
    RPT2.Sections("section1").Controls("Text6").DataField = "TOTAL"
    RPT2.WindowState = 2
    RPT2.Show 1
End Sub
Now I want to print the Total sum of the Total field at the bottom of the report. So, friends what is the code for it?

Please friends help me in this regard.