I have an applicaiton(adobe acroabt plug-in), which was implemented using vc 6.0 earlier doing some sort of data display on the UI dialog hosting a third party control(Ultragrid 2.0). In that we were successfully displaying english and japanese text and images.
Later we upgraded our project to VC++ 2008 and then it is not dipsplaying correct japanese text in UI, but with some Junk like characters, even we provided UNICODE support to our project, but still not displaying proper JP text, here is the code which we are using
we are getting all the data from a _RecordsetPtr variable,[i am getting correct JP text till here], and then passsing the _RecordsetPtr varible to a CComPtr, as shown

CComPtr <IUnknown> pSrc;
CComQIPtr <MSDATASRC :: DataSource> pDataSource(pSrc);

and then we are passing this pDataSource to third party tool[Ultragrid control] to dispaly the data, but after converting to VC++.2008, it is not displaying correct JP text, Is there anything we need to do for CComPtr in VC++ 2008 to fix the above issue? or what else could be the problem, please any one help me to sort out this.

thank you,