I'm writing an application to create photomontages, or better a kind of Face In Hole: I have a mask (for istance: Monnalisa painting) with a transparent hole on the face, I wanna load one of my photo and put it under the mask.
To achieve this, I created 2 PictureBox in the same position and I setted: mask.BackColor = Color.Transparent, but this solution doesn't work.
So, I tried to avoid PictureBox and I used just DrawImage in the same position on the form.. it works!!
The problem is that in this way I can't use MouseMove to position my face in the center of the mask.. What can I do?
I was thinking to create a PictureBox with my photo and use DrawImage to draw the mask over the PictureBox . I'm not so sure that I can do that.
Have you a better solution?
Any suggestion is welcome!